It is all there, publicly available and little used.

Companies for years have dumped billions of $$ developing and refining novel devices and processes, which are disclosed in patent applications.  As part of the patent examination process,  a search is performed on each patent application, and the results are compared to the invention.  Only if the invention is novel, non-obvious, and meets other requirements, does it issue into a patent. USPTO seal

We know these devices and processes described in issued patents are novel and non-obvious.

Once a patent has been issued, the patent owner is allowed to have exclusive use of his/her invention (generally) for twenty years from the filing date.

After that period, the patent expires, and the public is free to use this invention, forever.  The expired patent is a gift from the federal government.

gift box

Many patents expire each year, but only a tiny percentage is used by other entities.

If you would like novel technology, ask us.  We can link you up with technology in your industry to improve your products.

LESSON: If you want your company to get ahead, take what is given to you.

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